TORO, 2014

A closer look into the bullfight. Hand-drawn and stop-motion animation.

produced, directed, sound designed and animated by Lynn Kim
mixed @ Machine with Magnets (
2014, 3:30 color, sound, video


"New Contemporaries Exhibition: Selected Works from 2014"
2014, June 28 - October 12, "TORO" included for exhibition with three other animations. 
RISD Museum, Providence, RI
Monterrey Film Festival: Nuevo Leon, Mexico
2014, Aug 26-31 - "TORO" selected for international short films.
Croq'Anime: Paris, France
2014, Sept 10-14 - "TORO" selected for international short films. 
Fresh Film Festival: Prague, Czech Republic
2014, Sept 17-21 - "TORO" selected for main competition.
Ottawa International Animation Festival: Ottawa, Canada
2014, Sept 17-21 - "TORO" in competition for undergraduate student film. 
Simultan Festival of Art, Video Art, and Exploratory Sound: Timișoara, Romania
2014, October 8-11 - "TORO" screening in the video art category.
Cinema Club: Brooklyn, New York
2014, October 16th - "TORO" screening as part of Volume XXXIII: Short Films. 
Puchon International Student Film Festival: Puchon, South Korea
2014, October 22-26 - "TORO" selected for international student competition. 
awarded the Korean Society of Cartoon & Animation Studies President’s Prize
Banjaluka International Animation Festival: Banja Luka, Bosnia
2014, October 23-28 - "TORO" selected for main competition. 
ReAnimania International Film Festival: Yerevan, Armenia
2014, October 25 - "TORO" selected for competition in the graduation category.
The World Animation Festival: Hollywood, CA
2014, November 1 - "TORO" selected for competition in the experimental category. 
Multivision: International Festival of Animation Arts: St Petersburg, Russia
2014, November - "TORO" selected for panorama.
Student Experimental Film Festival (SEFF): Binghamton, New York
2014, December 5-6 - "TORO" screening as part of the curated show "Defunct Aesthetics."
Borscht 9 Film Festival: Miami, FL 
2014, December 19 - "TORO" selected for the YoungArts Alumni Screening.
DELETE-TV: Video Art Festival: Online/On-Air Broadcast
2015, March - "TORO" selected for broadcast.
Athens Animfest 2015: Athens, Greece
2015, March 26 - "TORO" selected for Student Competition.
Portsmouth Short Film Night: Portsmouth, New Hamphshire
2015, March - "TORO" screening as part of PSFN's ninth edition. 
DUM-D Student Animation Festival: Bronx, New York
2015, April 17 - "TORO" invited for festival screening.
Tabor International Short Film Festival: Desinić, Croatia
2015, April 30 - May 2nd - "TORO" selected for International Competition.
Melbourne International Animation Festival: Melbourne, Australia
2015, June - "TORO" selected for International Student Competition. 
Rooftop Films: Brooklyn, NY
2015, July - "TORO" selected for Dark Toons (Short Films)
Woodstock Film Festival: Woodstock, NY
2015, September - "TORO" selected for the animation category.
Thessaloniki Animation Festival: Thessaloniki, Greece
2015, October - "TORO" selected for official screening.
Melbourne International Animation Festival: Melbourne, Australia
2016, June - "TORO" included in RISD Showcase.
ImageOHIO 18: Columbus, OH
2017, January - "TORO" selected for a ROY G BIV gallery exhibition
"TORO” awarded for Juror’s Choice